August 3, 2016

Funeral Depression - Discography

Band: Funeral Depression
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: Poland

   Funeral Depression is a one man band from Poland founded by Belzebub in 2007. He have released only instrumental songs.
   Funeral Depression is essentially a dsbm band, but you can clearly see the influence from the funeral doom scene. The atmosphere created by his songs is so sorrowfully soothing, it's amazing, if you just listen to the song Dark, Cold Feeling you will fall in love with this band immediatly.
   I highly recommend this band for everyone.

NOTE: I won't be posting the demo "Voices From the Sad Soul" and the demo "Melancholy (Echos From the Past)" because all the songs in both demos are in the full-length album "Past Depression" (tracks 1 through 7).

Mróz (2011)

Type: EP
Size: 21,4 MB
  1. Śnieg Przykrywa Moje Martwe Ciało
  2. Mróz
  3. Niekończąca Się Zima
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Past Depression (2011)

Type: Full-length
Size: 86,5 MB
  1. Life in Depression
  2. Pain of My Existence
  3. Suffering of My Heart and Soul
  4. Weeping Hunkering Sad Soul
  5. Another Sad Day
  6. Melancholy (Echos From the Past)
  7. Melancholy Remembrances (Outro)
  8. I Am Nothing
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Road to Suicide (2012)

Type: Full-length
Size: 113 MB
  1. Intro to Sadness
  2. Dark, Cold Feeling
  3. Listen the World with His Head Lying on Railroad Tracks
  4. Slowly Rotting Existence
  5. Loneliness
  6. Inner Pain
  7. Visions of Broken Life
  8. Ou of Life (Suicide)
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Herbst - Discography

Band: Herbst
Gemre: Neo Folk
Country: Germany

   Herbst is a one man band from Germany founded  by Herbst (also the founder of Lantlôs) in 2005, sadly the band ended a few years later. The band name translates to autumn.
   Although the band founder is also the founder of Lantlôs, the two bands have nothing in common. Honestly Herbst reminds me a lot of Empyrium, but with more influences from the black metal scene.
   I recommend this band for everyone.

NOTE: I won't be posting the demo (Demo 2006), because all the songs in the demo are in the full-length album (I: Prolog), the tracks are 1. 2 and 3.
I: Prolog (2007)

Type: Full-length
Size: 66,3 MB
  1. Aufbruch
  2. Reise
  3. Endzeit
  4. Der Weg
  5. Am Bächlein
  6. Untitled
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August 2, 2016

Consider Suicide - Discography

Band: Consider Suicide
Genre: Ambient
Country: Sweden

   Consider Suicide is a swedish band founded by Kim Carlsson (ex-Lifelover, Hypothermia, Kall, ex-Life is Pain). Kim says that this music were made for relaxation and meditation purposes.
   Different from the others Kim's projects Consider Suicide plays only ambient music, with no influence from the black metal scene.
   I know that this band is a bit different from most bands that I post in this blog, but his music is truly beautiful and relaxing, I think everyone will enjoy listening to Consider Suicide.

Sväva (2015)

Type: Full-length
Size: 18,1 MB
  1. Sväva I
  2. Sväva II
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Nattmelankoli I (2016)

Type: Full-length
Size: 17,2 MB
  1. Nattmelankoli I
  2. Nattmelankoli III
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